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I am an educator in Sabak Bernam, Selangor about to graduate with my Degree in GeoPhysics. And continue further study at UPSI, Perak. I wish to apply my experience courses for online learning; however I've searched and don't know where to begin to actually learn how to use teaching simulation course design software available. I came across examples of blog and thought reader of my blog might be able to offer some suggestions.

I have good computer skills but am not experienced in creating web courses. I've seen all sorts of elearning software- Dreamweaver, Webmathematica, Flash, JAVA etc mentioned in job ads, but don't really know which ones to choose in order to get a well rounded working knowledge of how to build a course. Do you have any suggestions where to start? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. CV

So here's a softball, or should I say SNOWBALL, for you. Happy New Year ! As promised ...


JOM Pakat Mai RumaH





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